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Fundraising ideas!

Hello, and thanks for visiting our blog. Today we’ll share some ins and outs of fundraising. It’s easier than you may think.

Whether you’re already a monthly donor sustaining our mission, or you’re interested in a one-time donation, you’ll discover some ways to support Birthday Connections as well as find out a little bit more about how far your generosity goes.

You can now easily support Birthday Connections by going to our website and donating using PayPal or searching for Birthday Connections on Venmo or PayPal Giving Fund. If you would like to donate now, please click here.

Monthly donors play a large role in maintaining our sustainability. Their regular, reliable donations and loyalty are invaluable to our mission. Enrolling on our website is easy. This link will guide you to where you need to be. You decide the amount that is right for you and your donations will happen every month automatically. It’s one less thing for you to keep track of as well as a monthly reminder of your generous heart. Not to mention our recurring donors make budgets and planning much easier. We ❤️ our monthly donors!

One-time donors can easily navigate their donation through our website as well. Consider this – if you put 50¢ aside each day, you could make a $15 donation to BC at the end of a month. A dollar a day? $30 at the end of the month. You probably know this, but it bears repeating: If you put aside $5 a day, maybe skip that extra cup of coffee, you could contribute a one-time donation of about $150 to Birthday Connections at the end of the month.

And get your tissues out for this story--Two little girls with great big hearts set up a lemonade stand and raised $30 for Birthday Connections. It doesn’t get any more heartwarming or inspiring than that!

A third way to donate to Birthday Connections is through a Facebook Fundraiser. While you may feel awkward about asking for donations, Facebook fundraisers help ensure that prospective donors know their contribution isn’t for the person, but for Birthday Connections which is working hard for all kids to be celebrated on their birthdays!

It’s so much easier and more efficient than you may think. FB will walk you through the easy steps (locate their “menu” icon in the upper right corner—the one with three rows of three dots). And you may be surprised at the amount you can raise! One Birthday Connections donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, held a FB fundraiser on her birthday and raised $550!! That’s enough for about 8.5 children’s birthdays (at $65 for each) or 5.5 teen birthday parties (at $100 for each!) “It was super easy and I’m so not tech-savvy,” she said. “I was blown away by the generosity of my friends. Posting a Birthday Connections Facebook Fundraiser was like giving a gift to myself.”

Another fundraising birthday option for YOUR birthday – both children and adults--is to ask for donations to Birthday Connections in lieu of gifts. We can provide QR codes to include with invitations or to sit on tables for party guests. Who doesn’t love donating to a good cause? We ❤️ having “in lieu of gifts” donors!

One more way to support Birthday Connections is to donate in honor of someone who’s living or has passed. It’s a wonderful way to recognize the important role of those who have a special place in your heart whether currently or in memory. We ❤️ having tribute donors!

A Google search of creative fundraising ideas yields over a million ideas. A MILLION! Find one that speaks to you and let us know how it goes. Ask your friends or families to brainstorm with you. Let those two little sweethearts with their lemonade stand inspire you. Tell us what you come up with. We would ❤️ having supporters create their own fundraising event!

And please come back soon for more fun facts about Birthday Connections.


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