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In Tribute

We are honored to offer this page on our website to acknowledge donations made in memory of loved ones. Birthday Connections was contacted by Carla Smocks who expressed her interest in donating in honor of her daughter, Keisha, whose passion and business was hosting little girls' birthday parties. Carla felt donating to Birthday Connections would be a way to carry on Keisha's legacy. 


Carla presented this idea to her bereavement group as an opportunity for others to honor their loved ones on their birthdays and year-round. 

Thank you to those of you who choose to donate to our nonprofit in this capacity. Your donation is much appreciated and will help ensure children in Kansas City will be recognized and celebrated on their birthdays. Please reach out to Benita if you wish to post a written tribute in honor of a loved one. 

In tribute to Amarjeet (Amar) Singh Ranhotra

My nephew, Amar, loved celebrating the birthdays of the people in his life.  He was known for texting his friends and family at 12:01am on the morning of their birthdays, so he could be the very first one to wish them Happy Birthday and for spoiling them with gifts and messages on their special day.  Amar was a student at Georgia State University, pursuing his dream to teach and share his passion for music with others.  In honoring his memory, I hope to make birthdays a little extra special for others.


- Anita Ranhotra

In tribute to Keisha Clay

Keisha Clay was more than a dedicated professional; she was a beacon of light, love, and boundless generosity. Keisha's passion for children and her unwavering commitment to making their lives sparkle mirrored the effervescent personality and spirit that defined her. A true community champion, Keisha selflessly volunteered, leaving an indelible mark on the lives in our community.


In her spare time, Keisha organized Posh Parties for children, infusing each event with a contagious enthusiasm for imaginative and creative play. From Posh Princess extravaganzas to Spa Fabulous retreats and enchanting Tea Parties, Keisha's events were not just celebrations – they were transformative experiences.  Keisha firmly believed that children, when engaged in imaginative play, were empowered to envision roles beyond their immediate reach. Through her Posh Parties, she sought to instill in them the seeds of self-esteem, nurturing their confidence and social etiquette. Keisha's legacy lives on in the countless efforts to continue touching children's lives.  We remember Keisha by sharing her creative moments of joy with children benefitting from Birthday Connections. Our hope is that we can carry forward her passion for uplifting young hearts and minds. May her dedication to creating moments of joy and fostering the growth of future leaders continue to inspire us all


- Carla Smocks

Contact Benita if you would like to honor a loved one on this page by making a donation and adding a few words of tribute.

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