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Who is Birthday Connections?

We are a 501c3 tax-exempt nonprofit in Kansas City, MO. 

Our mission is for children to be celebrated on their birthdays and to empower families with a no-cost resource to allow the celebration to take place.  


How do we identify families to shop in our Digital Marketplace?

We collaborate with local social services agencies and organizations, and schools to identify families ensuring qualifying families are not overlooked and their need is verified.


All families are served regardless of race, ethnicity, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.


Why is this program important?

Socio-economically challenged families often struggle to find the means to celebrate their children's birthdays. 


Families may go to extremes to celebrate their children's birthdays. Rather than face that gut-wrenching decision to tell their children there isn't money to celebrate their birthdays, the families may go into debt by taking out loans or borrowing from family and friends furthering their financial crisis.


Now they have a better option! Connecting with Birthday Connections through their social services agency or their school empowers them to shop for the birthday gifts they want to give to their children, at no cost! Joy and memories all around! 


Thank you for supporting our nonprofit as we support Kansas City families in need! 



Board of Directors


Executive Director

   Benita Webber




   Ivelisse Saint-Clair, Shook, Hardy & Bacon


   Liz Williams, retired, AIG






   Janita Pannu, OPIIA


    Beth Felski - United WE



Advisory Board

Chef Dan Hogan, Kansas City Public Schools – Sweet Treats

Kamera Meany, University Health
Holly Pollard, Brookside Toy & Science – Digital Marketplace
Cathy McFarland, Oracle/Cerner
Jeff Webber, Webber Agency – Website Development
Anna Webber, American Public Media – Data Analysis

Marnie Morgan, 2020 Leadership

Bruce Jenkins, US Airforce


Youth Board

Riya Raj, Pembroke Hill  

It takes a village…

Thank you to our growing list of partners and agencies!

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Birthday Connections supports diversity across all lines of difference, including age, economic circumstance, ethnicity, sex, race, range of ability, religion, sexual orientation, and gender identity/expression.

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