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Join us for our 1st anniversary as a non-profit!

2 hours of bingo, prizes, raffles, a silent auction, and more

It’s a luxury for families to have the time, finances, and energy to celebrate children’s birthdays.

Birthday Connections is a resource for underserved families in Kansas City’s urban core to provide their children with meaningful birthdays every year.

As the only nonprofit in Kansas City that focuses solely on celebrating children’s birthdays, we need your help! 

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Identified families shop at no cost in our Birthday Market for the items they want to give to their children for their birthdays. Birthday Connections does not organize or host birthday parties, that is for the families to organize should they choose. 


Our Birthday Market contains a wide variety of gifts, experiences, sweet treats, books, and birthday cards for children between the ages of 1 and 18 years old. 


What is a birthday? 

Have you thought about the fact that there isn’t a physical marker of turning another year older? Birthdays serve that purpose!


A child who doesn't have the opportunity to be celebrated on their special day may not understand they turned another year older. In that case,  it can be difficult for them to understand developmental growth – physically, emotionally, and socially. 


Birthdays are memories. What are yours from childhood?

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